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Corbiota is an essential part of the natural nutrition of farm animals. By feeding young animals with Corbiota, their eubiosis - the natural balance of microorganisms in the intestine - is strengthened, avoiding diseases and reducing the need for antibiotics.




Corbiota helps to reduce the use of antibiotics in agriculture

The first contact with vital microorganisms after hatching or birth is a prerequisite for healthy, strong animals. Corbiota was developed to provide young animals with a balanced feed right at the start of their fattening period, making them strong and robust against diseases.


As a result, the need for antibiotics in our modern animal production can be reduced, matching society's demands.


Earthworms and worm products are part of the natural diet of young animals, especially chicks and piglets. For good reasons: feeding young animals with special worms and worm products supports their intestinal flora and their immune system.


The result: chicks and piglets that are fed with Corbiota show a higher weight gain, better feed conversion and lower mortality than young animals that were not fed with Corbiota.

The unique feed that triggers the animals' natural instincts

Corbiota awakens the young animals' natural instinct to peck and scratch. The more active the animal, the healthier it is. And the healthier it is, the more active.


This natural behavior has a long-lasting impact on the overall health and well-being of the animals and has long been forgotten.


Our products to promote animal health

Corbiota uses worms and worm products to strengthen the eubiosis of young animals such as chicks or piglets, and to make them more resistant to disease. The natural products improve animal health and ensure optimal growth - and help to reduce the overall need for antibiotics in animal production.


Corbiota's impact:
  • Brings back a piece of nature into animal production

  • Strengthens the eubiosis, the natural balance of microorganisms in the intestine, of animals

  • Reduces the need for antibiotics

  • Triggers the natural instincts of animals

  • Promotes the activity level of the animals

  • Increases barn productivity

Our partners
Our extensive R&D

Our goal is to scientifically prove the effect of our products on the health and welfare of animals. With extensive R&D, we can guarantee our impact improving modern animal production.


Use of innovative scientific methods
We demonstrated the advantages of our products in numerous institutional and practical scientific trials.

Our scientists continuously use Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) methods to highlight changes in the intestinal flora and health of animals fed with Corbiota from various aspects.


As part of our studies and practical tests, over 150,000 chicks have already been fed with Corbiota in several fattening periods and compared to another 150,000 chicks who were not fed with our products. 

Simultaneously, we established our own PCR methods to characterize the positive influence of Corbiota on the stable ground and test it regularly.


Our state-of-the-art worm farming

Our special worms and worm products are bred and produced in a highly innovative worm farm in Germany, guaranteeing the quality of our products. 


Worm breeding and delivery

Our special worms grow up in organic substances and are given a special feed.


The worms are delivered alive to farmers and can be stored up to four weeks. They are ready to use and can be fed to the young animals immediately or when needed.


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